Program Costs and Regulations

Program costs vary according to whether you select short term, semester, or full academic year.

Program costs usually cover the following: course fees and cultural activities  (Arabic calligraphy, oriental dance, excursions, and guest speakers).

All the costs  below do not include homestays. A class of less than 5 students may be cancelled.

The following costs (per student) are for intensive Arabic classes and two content courses:

Full Academic Year Semester Six Weeks 3 Weeks
DH 79 600 Fall : DH 39 000 Fall  :  DH 18 500 Fall : DH 9600
 (2 semesters) Spring : DH 48 600 Spring : DH 18 900 Spring : DH 9700
  Summer : DH 19 500 Summer : DH 9800

Semester Sessions also include (for a group of at least 5):                                        ($1 = about 8.4 Moroccan Dirham (DH)

-17 Transfer credits

-3 Lectures by guest speakers

-2 Calligraphy meetings

-4 Oriental dance lessons

-Guided tour of the medina of Fez

-Exursion to Mekn s and Volubilis 

-Excursion to Chefchaouen and Tetuan


Six-week sessions also include(for a group of at least 5):

-8 Transfer credits (6 credits of Arabic and 2 credits of Aspects of Moroccan Culture or another content course)

-2 Lectures by guest speakers

-2 Arabic Calligraphy meetings

-3 Oriental dance lessons

-Guided tour of the Medina of Fez 

-Excursion to Mekn s and Volubilis

-Excursion to Chefchaouen and Tetuan

Three-week sessions also include(for a group of at least 5):

-3 Transfer credits

-2 Lectures by guest speakers

-2 Arabic calligraphy lessons

-2 Oriental dance lessons

-Guided tour of the Medina of Fez 

-Excursion to Mekn s and Volubilis

-Excursion to Chefchaouen 


Arabic Immersion 


15 hr/week

DH 1660  per student


20 hr/week

DH 2600  per student

Private tuition

 30 mn counts as 1 hour

DH 150 per hour 

Short Term Study Abroad Program Offerings 

Six-Week Program



8DH 11 900  per student

Three-Week Program  


DH 6800  per student

Customized programs can be organized at any time of the year jointly with institutions and colleges taking into account their students needs and interests.

Housing  Costs (A fee of DH 300 per student is paid to INLAC for any housing arrangement made through it)

Homestay with selected Moroccan families is provided by INLAC. One or two students per family, on full or a half-board basis.

Furnished apartments prices vary from DH 2500 for a one-bedroom apartment to DH 3500 for a two bedroom apartment.



Meals Included

Cost per day in DH



Single or Double


Three meals

Breakfast and Dinner

DH 150/day

DH 130/day

Hotel (2-3 stars)



DH 230-300




DH 310-450

 Other Costs



F s Airport


DH 150

INLAC Breakfast

DH 20


INLAC Sandwich

DH 85

DH 30

Filled application forms should be either emailed to: or or

Printed and Faxed to: (212/535) 63 63 84   OR  (212/535) 61 09 10 

Or mailed to: 7 Bis Derb Ben Abdejlil, Ziyat, Fez M dina, Fez 70 000, Morocco

Confirmation of a place in your class requires that you send us a non-refundable $100 application fee (a cheque), which will be deducted from your tuition invoice, and two passport size photos.

Please send these documents by registered mail. The application fee should be sent as a cheque, a bank wire or international money order made out to INLAC.

Pursuant to the receipt of this fee, INLAC will send applicants orientation material. Please note that your tuition fees and other charges need to reach INLAC before you begin your classes.

Methods of payment:
INLAC accepts payment in Moroccan Dirhams, Dollar or Euro, or any major currency, travelers checks, or personal checks. Personal checks are assessed a 150 Dh fee.