Dear student,

Thank you very much for participating in this INLAC program. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did.
To improve it in the future, we should be grateful if you could fill in this questionnaire about classes, teaching quality, services, cultural activities, and homestays. Your feedback, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.

The overall timing of classes was :
The organisation of classes was :
The equipment in classrooms was :
Your comments:
Quality of Teaching
Quality of Arabic teaching was :
The quality of Cities Class was :
The quality of Gender class was :
The quality of Modernity class was :
Your comments:
Guest speakers
The quality of presentations was :
The topic of presentations was :
Your comments:
Cultural Actitivities
Darija dialogs were :
Debates with Moroccan students were :
Calligraphy sessions were :
Music concerts were :
Excursions were :
Oriental dance was :
Visit to Fes University was :
Visits to NGOs were :
Your comments:
The staff of INLAC :
The lunches were :
The Morning teas were :
Internet connection was :
Audio-visual aids were :
Printing and zeroxing was :
Your comments:
My family was :
The food at my family was :
The hospitality was :
My room was :
The experience was :
Your comments: